Time to step on their necks!

Ok, so we lost game three to Tampa. They threw the kitchen sink at us and barely squeaked out a win. Tonight is time to remove all doubt and drub this team. Put them in their place and take a stranglehold of this series. I love all the narratives about the Rangers and the teams they played.

First it was Pittsburg. They are playing with their 2nd & 3rd string goalies....However, all the analysts were quick to point out that Pittsburg was 6-0 on the road all time in Game 7's prior to our Game 7 with them....BUZZER SOUND...not any more....

Then it was Carolina. Undefeated at home in the playoffs, 7-0 lifetime as an organization in Game 7s...BUZZER SOUND both a distant memory now!

Now Tampa. They had too much rest, blah, blah. blah. They lose Game One and all they can talk about (and these are gaudy numbers I will admit) is how they are 18-0 after a playoff loss. Vasilevskiy has a 1.49 GAA 9.45 Save Percentage and has pitched 5 shut outs during the streak....BUZZER SOUND....all no longer true!

The Rangers are just as good as Tampa and are up 2-1. This young team now needs to learn how to take control of a series. They have passed all their other tests this playoff run and I expect them to ace this exam. When the Rangers play Ranger hockey, we can beat anyone in my opinion.

Take control of the series tonight and put them out of their misery tomorrow. I think they shot their load in Game 3. They are 2x Stanley Cup Champions so they deserve our respect but that does not mean I do not think our Rangers can and quite frankly should beat them.

Love this team and this coach. LET'S GO RANGERS!!!!