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NHL Suspends K’Andre Miller

NHL: New York Rangers at Detroit Red Wings Brian Bradshaw Sevald-USA TODAY Sports

After Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Kings, the news about the event between Drew Doughty and K’Andre Miller was virtually everywhere.

Whatever your take on it is at this point is irrelevant. Miller made a statement after the game clarifying that the entire circumstance was an accident. And literally everyone surrounding Miller went to bat for the young defenseman, citing his character and how he would never intend to do such a thing. In part of his statement, Miller announced he even took the chance to meet with Doughty after the game to explain his actions and apologize.

That being said, on Monday it was announced Miller would have a disciplinary hearing with the NHL to review the situation and potentially dole out a suspension. However this was a unique situation, it had been made very public that this was entirely an accident. While a precedent has been set, we only have to look back to 2019 when Garnet Hathaway was suspended for three games for spitting when with the Washington Capitals, the question remained what impact would intent have? The NHL gave us our answer as it was just announced Miller would receive the same fate. Suspended for three games and missing the tilts against the Philadelphia Flyers, Ottawa Senators and the mighty Boston Bruins.