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Welcome to Blueshirt Banter 2.0!

Good morning everyone, and welcome to the official launch of Blueshirt Banter 2.0!

1) This is the final month Blueshirt Banter will be with SB Nation/Vox. It’s been a long 14-year ride, and this bittersweet fact at least does have a happy ending.

2) We’re treating this month as a free preview to the new site. We’re going to run the site the way we expect to do moving forward 4/1, and using this extra month grace period from Vox to give you guys a taste of what to expect if you decide to subscribe to our services next month.

3) We’ll have a cool new logo as part of the re-brand, which we’re going to release on 4/1 when we officially launch on the new platform.

4) Pricing tiers are still in the works and we’ll have more information on that as we go.

5) We will be officially moving to Ghost as our hosting platform on 4/1. The site is being worked on right now for backend tech to allow the transition to happen smoothly. As we move toward 4/1 we will give you all the temporary URL so you can sign up for the site leading up to our official launch.

6) We are officially keeping the IP of the website, and the URL, and the archives, etc. So the new sure will still be Blueshirt Banter. This is, obviously, fantastic news.

7) We do have some exciting new additions coming that we’ll announce once we go live.

As always, thank you all for the support and we very much so look forward to this next chapter!