30 Days of Lundqvist: He’s Making Smoothies!

As of late, we’ve been living in something of a golden age. The Rangers consistently lead the pack in this most important area, which is crucial to building a modern NHL team; I’m speaking of course of the Rangers’ knack for great #content.

Yes, while Stepan Behind the Mic is no more, we’ve still got some great officially sanctioned moments with Jimmy Vesey, Kevin Hayes, and Brady Skjei, in addition to the occasional bootleg video, be it Michael Grabner jumping out of a pool, or Chris Krider being adorable and quickly skating with a small child around the rink. Let’s not forget, however, that like most of the success this franchise has seen over the past decade, it all started with one man: Henrik Lundqvist.

You see, back in 2013 the Rangers began their rebranding effort, as they trotted out their “Welcome to Rangerstown” slogan. While I have my own feelings on its relationship to Detroit’s more famous “Hockeytown” moniker and the fact that New York is you know, a gigantic city, what came with it were some spectacular ads. There was the Chris Kreider bookclub, driving lessons with Ryan McDonagh, and Mats Zuccarello’s offering of Norwegian food. Perhaps the most iconic of all though, was Henrik Lundqivst making smoothies.

The premise of the ad was Lundqvist living with a young couple in perhaps Westchester or the suburbs of Long Island or Northern New Jersey. While living together, he had made himself indispensable around the house, by cleaning, offering fashion advice to the man of the cave, and most importantly, making smoothies. It’s Henrik Lundqivst at his goofy best and it’s hard not to laugh at him being silly away from the rink. It also became a perfectally meme-able moment to post on Twitter or in the comments section of your favorite blog whenever the moment calls for it. Also, smoothies are good.

All in all, it was just a dumb fun moment from our beloved King and a fitting beginning to an era of dumb fun moments up and down the Blueshirts roster.