A Reminder About Blueshirt Banter

We keep politics off this site as a rule.

We’ve done a pretty masterful job of it, considering the way this election turned into a full-on circus that impacted all of our lives. In fact, I want to thank all of you for helping make sure hockey remained a focus on this site when it very easily might not have. I know we have people with different opinions here, and I know it might not have been easy.

With that said, we have crossed these “political boundaries” when it comes to what I consider basic human rights. And it’s here that I will share a simple reminder:

Blueshirt Banter welcomes everyone with open arms. I can care less about the color of your skin, your sexual orientation, your gender, country of origin or your religion. There is one rule and a sub rule that comes with joining this site. The rule is you have to be a human being. The sub rule is you have to be kind to other human beings. That’s it.

Heather and 50 have continued putting in a remarkable amount of work to keep this community a safe space for everyone; furthering a vision that Mike had when this place was just a little seedling in the blogger world. They’re a big reason why this place isn’t just another corner on the Internet with a cesspool for a comments section. You guys are another big part of that.

If you need something to talk about, we’re here for you. If you really need someone to talk to, you can always reach out to Mike or Beth or myself or anyone on the site. Real people have made real friends here, we meet up at Rangers games, Tony throws a BBQ that I somehow manage to miss every August. This is a good place to visit and hang out.

You might not need to hear this. I hope you don’t. But if you ever feel like you’re not welcomed or that you’re not strong enough remember that sometimes just being you can be the bravest thing you do. And also remember that this place is always open to you.

Hell you don’t even need to be a Rangers fan or even like hockey to come here.

You just have to be a human being.