Adam Fox & Mika Zibanejad Selected for 4 Nations Face-Off

If you haven't heard about the new tournament the NHL is sponsoring, here it is. In February of 2025, four international rosters will face off against each other in a round-robin style tournament. The nations participating are Sweden, Finland, Canada, and the United States of America. Whether this is an attempt at an apology from the NHL for not allowing their players to participate in the Olympics remains to be seen. Still, there will be competitive hockey in an international format, and that's always a blast.

Today the four teams announced the first six players of their roster and two Rangers happened to make their respective teams. Both Adam Fox and Mika Zibanejad will be representing their home nation in the tournament.

I am sure many of you will have strong feelings about the existence of this tournament and the decisions that were made leading up to it. I understand the entire purpose of it being a 4-Nations Face-Off, however, when it comes to international hockey it feels unceremonious to not include Czechia or Russia. There are a lot of reasons why Russia is not selected to participate in these types of events currently, but the point stands that it's quite hard to host an international tournament and claim to be featuring the best of the best while excluding those two powerhouse hockey nations.

There are bound to be other Rangers included in the four rosters. My guess is we'll see one or several of Kreider, Trocheck, Trouba, Miller, or even Lafrenière. Some of those have better odds than others. Watching this team play 100 games this past season, we all have our opinions on Trouba, and Lafrenière, while projecting upwards, has the unfortunate fate of coming from a country that has an excess of talent to select from. Time will reveal what the full rosters end up being and we will report on that when the updates arrive. Which team do you think you'll be rooting for?