Adam Henrique on the Rangers/Devils rivalry: 'I always mark those games on my calendar'

Henrique is probably the most likeable Devil now, and that's okay.

Okay. So. The New Jersey Devils. They are a thing. But that's okay - because it's great to have heated rivalries, especially when you know the players themselves are just as into it.

Adam Henrique, who has been a Devil for six seasons now, hopped on the hockey subreddit and started doing an AMA("Ask me anything"). He has since become pretty much the most likeable Devil of all time, because he's really taken the time to answer every - and I mean - every - fan and question. It's been hours. It's a new day. And he's still going at it.

So that's pretty cool of him. But most cool of all? A Rangers fan decided to ask him about the rivalry - and Henrique is totally into it.

Dr_Fargo: As a Rangers fan, what's your favorite part of the NYR/NJD rivalry? Do you like playing at MSG?

AdamHenrique14: I love playing at MSG. I hate the long walk up the ramp to the dressing room when you get off of the bus. They have great warmup tunes.

The best part is just the intensity. It's always a full house no matter what point of the season it is. All the classic games in the past make every game special so I always mark those games on my calendar.

It seems every player loves MSG - how could you not? - though it's also great to hear an honest negative side, too. That's how you know he's really telling the truth!

And the fact that he recognizes how great the fanbase in New York is, not to mention the history of the two clubs: that's exactly the kind of rival you want to play against.

So Adam Henrique is probably the coolest Devil now. And that totally works out just fine.