Stanley Cup Playoffs: 4/28/17 Open Thread

I’m starting to run out of relevant things to say in these little blurbs before the actual game info, so I might just start memeing instead. Perhaps not tonight, but once we get deeper into the playoffs and there’s really nothing new to say, then every one of these threads will just devolve into me meming and poking fun at the Rangers’ misfortunes. Just thought giving everyone a heads up on that now would be useful, so now you know. Anyway, tonight’s matchups are as follows:

Nashville Predators vs St. Louis Blues Game 2 (NSH Leads 1-0) Puck is scheduled to drop at 8:00 PM EDT on NBCSN

Edmonton Oilers vs Anaheim Ducks Game 2 (EDM Leads 1-0) Puck is scheduled to drop at 10:30 PM EDT on NBCSN

After arriving in a controversial summer trade, P.K Subban has proven to be every bit of the leader the Predators wish Shea Weber could have become, but never amounted to. With five points in his team’s first five playoff games, as well as a spot in the second round (unlike Montreal’s hulking behemoth of a defenseman), it’s become clear who won that blockbuster. When the pressure mounted, Shea Weber wilted, and now he’s out on the golf courses. But not P.K. Subban, a true leader, who would’t allow his team to lose in the opening round of the playoffs. Oh, and the Oilers and Ducks are also on tonight.

Enjoy the games, and Let’s Go Predators!