Adam McQuaid Trade: Breaking It All Down

If there was ever a more perfect marriage than that of John Tortorella and Adam McQuaid I have yet to see it. So it makes sense that Columbus — who is literally spending as if there’s no tomorrow, because for Jarmo there won’t be if this doesn’t work out — is still spending like a drunk buying rounds at the bar. This time, they bought McQuaid from the Rangers for a 4th, a 7th, and Julius Bergman.

You know the drill, let’s break it all down!

The picks

The New York Rangers grabbed a 4th and 7th round pick in this year’s draft, basically matching the deal they put on the table to get McQuaid in the first place. Since the 4th and 7th they sent to Boston was from this year’s draft, they’ve literally replaced those picks, just using Columbus’ selections to do so.

Same picks, yes, but Columbus is better than the Rangers are so the selections will be roughly 15 picks lower than they would have been had the Rangers not made the move in the first place. Not a huge deal, but for a re-building teams it’s a slight blow.

The 4th and 7th round picks this year were the only rounds the Rangers didn’t have a selection (because of McQuaid in the first place) so it’s basically a small dip in draft stock to rent McQuaid for the year.

This now leaves the Rangers with the following (assuming there’s no more trades):

1st Round: NYR, Winnipeg
2nd Round: NYR, Dallas (will become 2019 1st if Mats Zuccarello plays in 50% of playoff games and Stars win two rounds), Tampa (will become 2019 1st if they win the Stanley Cup)
3rd Round: NYR
4th Round: CBJ
5th Round: NYR
6th Round: NYR
7th Round: CBJ

Julius Bergman

Bergman was a former 2nd round pick who was once seen as a potential puck-moving defenseman. Those thoughts probably still don’t exist. In a split season with Cleveland and Belleville (ironically 33 games with each) he has 12 points (ironically six assists with each). It appears as though Elite Prospects had a glitch; Bergman has six assists in 33 AHL games this year.

This is likely some AHL depth as the Rangers continue to stock the Wolf Pack. I’m not sure who is going to survive the summer on that front, but this at least brings the Rangers up to 44 contracts (the max is 50).

Not much here.