Afternoon Bantering Points: Olympics, Schedules, and July is the Worst.

Ranting and Raving on the 2013-2014 schedule, the Olympics and why July is the worst month.

ZZZzzzzZZz....huh? What?

Oh... FINALLY something happened in the hockey world.

Yes, the 2013-2014 schedules have been released and everybody is circling what dates are gonna be "must watch games" of the year. Truth be told, I'm pretty excited for this thing called "October hockey"... I've heard rumors it's real, but for some I can't seem to remember watching it last year.

No idea why.

So yes, we'll have a full 82 game schedule as well as a nice two week break in February for the 2014 Olympics, in which NHL players will participate and everyone will enjoy it while more mainstream media jokers ask why couldn't hockey always be this popular and we'll counter it with "watch the game more" and then they'll laugh and we'll all feel like shit afterwards.

Also, may I point out that July is officially the worst month out of the year. More specifically, MLB All-Star week is the worst week out of the year. A time where literally nothing of importance in the hockey world happens and everyone on social media bitches and moans about it.

I think a World Cup of Hockey would cure that, but hey, that's just me.

Onto the bullet points that you all love so much:

  • So, looking at the Rangers roster (as currently constructed) I see 4 Rangers that can be making the trip to Sochi and one possibility. That list includes: Ryan McDonagh, Ryan Callahan, Henrik Lundqvist, Rick Nash are all locks. The wild card is Derek Stepan.
  • Stepan can make Team USA with a little luck that's a bit outside of his control. He needs to continue playing like the first line center that he is and will be. He also needs some injury/poor play luck from other players to bounce his way.
  • That being said, I can see Stepan supplanting someone like Ryan Kesler or Paul Stastny off the US roster if his first half picks up from where he left off in 2013.
  • Ryan McDonagh can be in the top pairing for the US with Ryan Suter and holy crap thank you Bob Gainey.
  • No, seriously, thank you Bob Gainey.
  • Onto the schedule. A few games I'm looking forward to? The four inter scrimmage games between the Blue Jackets and the Rangers, Torts coming back to MSG on April 1st, and obviously every game from October to January because man I missed hockey in the fall.
  • This happened... because... uh... I have no idea why and I need filler.
  • Once again, July is the worst.