Andre Deveaux Faces Hearing Today And Potential Re-call Options

Andrew Deveaux was on the ice with the Rangers today briefly before his hearing with Brendan Shanahan. It seems as if there will be a suspension looming, but the ruling will not come until tomorrow morning/afternoon. In the event that there is a suspension, the Rangers will only be left with 11 active skaters, and they need to dress 12.

However, Deveaux's cap hit of $525,000 will still remain on the books for the Rangers, so re-calling may take a few different routes. The most obvious choice would to re-call a forward with a cap hit within the amount the Rangers still have, which is $1.1 million. The player that fits in to this criteria at the moment, and makes the most sense, would be Carl Hagelin.

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The second option would to place either Marc Staal, Wojtek Wolski, or Mike Rupp on LTIR. Since neither of the three are coming back, this would make the most sense. In the event that this happens, the Rangers will free up more cap space, to bring up a higher priced forward such as Mats Zuccarello.

To me, the best option right now would be to just call up Carl Hagelin. That way the Rangers stay within the cap standards, and don't have to make any crazy moves once Marc Staal, or any of the others come back. Plus, Hagelin's speed could help open up the ice more for the Rangers.