Another Step For Blueshirt Banter: Blueshirts Monthly!

In order to help make this even more of an empire, Mike and myself have leaped into a new venture.

Two quick notes I just wanted to touch on:

A) This newsletter will be given out electronically (via e-mail) so please keep that in mind with the e-mail you use to subscribe.

B) You can follow us on twitter. Please do!

As the dog days of summer continue to drag on I wanted to break things up by telling you all about a new thing I'm involved in. Sometime very soon (I'm thinking around September or October but it's not set in stone yet) we're going to be releasing a monthly newsletter called "Blueshirts Monthly."

This is a massive endeavor and I'm not doing it alone. Mike (Dig Deep) and Richter1994 are joining me in this. Mike will have his say below, but for now I just want to explain exactly what this is:

Let me make this clear from the beginning: NOTHING will change on Blueshirt Banter or with your experience here. It's going to be exactly the same. The newsletter is going to be focusing on things we don't cover on the site. Longer feature stories, looking back on the month, some funny stories and even comics. On Blueshirt Banter we're very focused on giving you guys the best up to date information available, and that includes projecting into the future as well. We don't have much time (nor is there really a place) for looking back and longer feature articles. This newsletter will help cover that gap.

Oh, the newsletter is also 100% free.

Why do this? Well, I like to think of our Rangers coverage as an empire. I want to give you guys the best coverage of the Rangers possible. And while Blueshirts Monthly (also nicknamed "B12") isn't officially affiliated with SB Nation at all, it helps me round out the Rangers coverage you guys would want.

Also, we plan on selling advertisements in this newsletter. Since we're bringing in Rangers fans, we're looking to do hyper-local ad sales to clients who would have interest in a Rangers demographic (like bars and restaurants right outside MSG or local business in the area). So, uh, if you know of anyone (or if you yourself) would be interested in that then let me know.

So, if you want to get the newsletter (and why wouldn't you, it's more Rangers coverage and it's free), just send an e-mail to with the subject "subscription" and we'll add you guys to our master list. It will make things much easier for us if interested parties subscribe now so that we can get a good idea of what we're dealing with. Again, this newsletter is free.

Anyway, read the below from Mike. Questions or concerns? Run it through the comments and I'll address them as I can.

Thanks, guys!

Now hear from Mike (who, despite telling me to do a bulk of this story) wrote some of the same things I did:

Joe, Tony, and I are very excited about bringing Blueshirts Monthly to New York Rangers and hockey fans and we're even more excited to tell you guys about it. Without the support, friendship, countless discussions, and hours of laughter I have shared with you guys I wouldn't be able to do something like this without constantly questioning my abilities as a writer. One of the reasons I am doing this is to give you guys even more to read and discuss to thank you for all of your support you've given me over the years... the other reasons are completely selfish.

When Joe first approached me with the idea I said yes before he could even finish his pitch to me. I recognized Blueshirts Monthly as an opportunity to not only use the skills I have honed as a writer on Blueshirt Banter but also as an outlet for my more creative and humorous sides. It is also a chance to actually get compensated for writing and being creative which is what I have wanted to do with my life ever since I came to terms with the fact that the letter inviting me to Hogwarts wasn't going to come... no more nights with my face pressed against the cold window looking for the silhouette of an owl in front of the moon with warm, salty tears trickling down my cheeks for me!

Joe has described my portion of the newsletter as "Mike's Padded Corner". Other than being deeply, deeply offended at his suggestion that I need (further) psychiatric help and guidance I was also pleased to know that I am being given a real opportunity to make my mark on the newsletter and exercise my ability to write both analytical and silly articles as well as draw a comic strip. I am leaving the confusing crap regarding the newsletter to Joe and Tony (they're very bright guys) and I've taken to labeling myself "the artist" of the crew. My creative integrity is above reproach of any kind and I constantly demand praise, approval, and support from Joe and Tony. I am very pleasant to work with.

So, what you can expect from Blueshirts Monthly?

I assure you, that despite it being produced by three guys named Joe, Mike, and Tony that we have no affiliation with organized crime (...yet). What I can also assure you is that we will make you laugh, think, and reflect on where the Rangers have been to better understand where they are going. We're going to offer articles and perspectives that aren't currently seen on Blueshirt Banter and we're going to have a lot of fun doing it. I just hope that you guys enjoy reading it and are as excited about the project as I am.

Please support us by spreading the word and subscribing (it's free!). We're taking a big jump into the dark with this but we're doing it together and we believe we have something really special here.

Thanks guys!