Antti Raanta’s new mask pays tribute to Rangers legends

This one might be his best yet.

Antti Raanta has a new mask to show off, and this one is really special for the New York Rangers.

You can tell it’s a Raanta mask because his cartoon dog is present, as he always is. But the focus on this one is all about Rangers history: specifically, Ed Giacomin and Mike Richter, who decorate both sides of this wonderful red, white, and blue mask.

What’s not to love about this one? Not only is the color blocking on point and the details subtle enough to not overwhelm, but the showcasing of two of the top goalies in Rangers history - that aren’t his current teammate, that is - in the Rangers’ 90th year is just brilliant. (And the art is beautiful, too.)

Raanta has absolutely nailed it with his latest bucket.