"As The Zherdev Turns": Sunday Edition

I know this is another one for the "Beating a dead horse" file, but Laurie over at Beyond the Blueshirts has a translation of an interview Nikolai Zherdev did with a Russian website regarding his pending arbitration hearing.

If you haven't been checking out Laurie's site, make sure you add it to your list. Laurie does a fantastic job of finding and translating stories from websites overseas.

Check out the story here from Beyond the Blueshirts.

Quick highlight:

Nikolai, do you suppose that it’s a plot of Rangers coach John Tortorella to tell the team’s management that he doesn’t see you in his game plan?

- Anything’s possible. There’s no point in blaming a person without evidence. It could be that the coach has nothing to do with it at all. Why even start guessing? Though the previous coach of the team, Tom Renney, trusted me more than Tortorella. But John didn’t tell me that I didn’t suit him.

Thank God this will all be settled next week.