Bantering Around: 8.15.09

Sorry this is a little late today, we were up late dealing with a sick little girl again. I think she over indulged at the birthday party we went to yesterday.

Hockey Thoughts: (sort of)

  • On the subject of that birthday party, it was an ice skating party at the Florida Panthers practice rink. Naturally I wore my Rangers jersey, blue liberty. I even ran into a few Ranger fans, and naturally took the opportunity to pimp our site.
  • And to the car in the parking lot with the Islanders license plate, I hope you like the Blueshirt Banter business card I left on your windshield, you should really take the opportunity to see the light.
  • It was my first time on ice skates in years. I rollerblade all the time, so being on ice wasn't too bad, but the rental skates were just terrible. We had a great time, my daughter enjoyed skating around with Dad, and telling people she was "just like a Ranger". Daddy's little girl for sure.
  • As far as the latest in Rangers news, I definitely like the Prospal move. Anytime you can pick up veteran scoring help that cheap, it's worth it.
  • Also glad to see Messier joining the front office in an official capacity, whatever it may be. Messier and Graves in the front office, seems like old times.
  • So, who would you rather be, a Ranger fan with Donald Brashear on your team, or a Philadelphia Eagle fan with Michael Vick on your team? I know a lot of Eagles fans, and an overwhelming majority of them are not happy with the signing.

Un-hockey stuff:

  • As I write this, the Florida Marlins are 1 game out of the NL Wild Card race. It would serve the Mets right to see the Marlins make the playoffs and win a third World Series in 12 years, with three completely different teams.
  • Giants football on TV tomorrow night, it means things are getting back to normal in the world.
  • Anybody else watching "Defying Gravity" on ABC? Not a bad show, for a summer fill in.
  • I don't get into a lot of reality shows, other than "Deadliest Catch" and "Ice Road Truckers", but I am digging "Pawn Stars" on the History Channel. It amazes me what people try to sell.
  • I don't care how many times he says it: I refuse to believe Howard Stern is going to walk away at the end of his current contract. I just can't see him being able to feed his ego without that show.