Bantering Around: 8.9.09

So I'm going to try something a little different, every Sunday I'll be writing a column on a variety of topics. Some hockey, some sports, some of it just life in general. I'll keep it off the main page, so those of you that don't want to see it won't have to. Now that we've gotten into August, quite frankly a change of pace from hockey will do me some good. Hope you enjoy, and as always feel free to comment:

Sports thoughts:

  • At the beginning of the baseball season, I told any Met fan who would listen that I didn't buy the hype that they were a contender. I know that the injuries haven't helped, but they have looked so completely inept at times, that's just inexcusable. If Omar and Jerry are still gainfully employed by the Mets next February when pitchers and catchers report, there should be an inquiry. There is no excuse for the lack of fundamentals on the field, or the lack of talent throughout the minor leagues.
  • Giants football is on the horizon. I think everyone knows the Giants are the other sports love of my life, and I expect big things from them this year. I don't see how anyone is going to be able to put up points against their defense, which is why I'm not too worried about the lack of experience at the WR position. When it comes to the Giants, nobody knows better than my Dad, who always says "With the Giants, it's always about the defense." I don't think 13 or 14 wins for this team is a stretch.
  • On the subject of the Mets and Giants, I didn't get all weepy when they tore down Shea. To me it was a dump with a bucketful of unfulfilled promises and underachievement. But when Giants Stadium ends it run this year, it will definitely be a sad moment for me. I went to many games there with my Dad, most of them losses, but it's where I got my football education, and saw Springsteen for the first time. We'll definitely raise a glass in our house when the Giants play their last game there, hopefully in the NFC Championship game.
  • In case you haven't noticed by now, I'm a Giant optimist, a Ranger optimist, and a Mets pessimist. Interesting dichotomy, but it gets me through the day.
  • Last thing on the Giants: Ed over at Big Blue View was granted press credentials by the G-men to attend training camp, and is doing a fantastic job with his coverage. It's a huge deal for a blog manager to get recognized like this, and Ed is really making it pay dividends. Check out his coverage when you get a chance.

Non-sports thoughts:

  • Really looking forward to seeing "District 9". I'm a sci-fi guy, and I'm hearing a lot of good things about it.
  • I'm a big fan of "Lost", and after reading some of the things I've seen about the upcoming final season, I have a feeling that many of the "WTF?" moments I've had watching this show will never be explained.
  • Anyone who saw Billy Mays on TV should not have been surprised to hear the guy was doing coke.
  • Unfortunately, many times it takes someone's death to make you realize how much they accomplished in life. Ferris Bueller, the "Vacation" movies, Sixteen Candles, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, The Breakfast Club, and Weird Science, just to name a few. Thanks for the 80's, John Hughes; they wouldn't have been the same without you. I don't think a day goes by where I or someone I know doesn't reference one of his movies.

That's it for my first edition; I will leave you with my favorite quote from "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles":

I could tolerate any insurance seminar. For days I could sit there and listen to them go on and on with a big smile on my face. They'd say, "How can you stand it?" I'd say, "'Cause I've been with Del Griffith. I can take ANYTHING." You know what they'd say? They'd say, "I know what you mean. The shower curtain ring guy. Whoa." It's like going on a date with a Chatty Cathy doll. I expect you have a little string on your chest, you know, that I pull out and have to snap back. Except I wouldn't pull it out and snap it back - you would. Agh! Agh! Agh! Agh! And by the way, you know, when you're telling these little stories? Here's a good idea - have a POINT. It makes it SO much more interesting for the listener!