Bantering Around: Who Do You Move To Move Up?

Sorry for the crazy title. Also sorry for the lack of stories yesterday, really slow weekend guys. But that's to be expected in these dog days of the off season. Regardless I'm gonna toss this story out there to all of you Sunday visitors for some discussion.

Mock drafts are going to start flying out quicker than you can count, and unfortunately those mock drafts don't take in the expectations of trading up or down. And really how could they? Decisions and actual offers to move up and down really don't formulate until draft day anyway. General Managers have to see what's happening on the floor, who is left and whether or not their "diamond in the rough" is going to fall into enemy hands.

Anyway, my point is that there are tons of rumors that the Rangers are going to try and move up in the draft. Obviously finishing one point out of a playoff spot wasn't their intention, even though Glen Sather played it that way at the trade deadline.

If the New York Rangers were going to move up in the draft they would obviously have to give a player, prospect or another pick to sweeten the pot. So to all of you I open the floor.

In the comments tell me who you want the Rangers to pick. Where they would have to move up to get there in the draft. And finally what kinda deal you would offer that team for that pick? Expect to drop your first round pick, not many teams would drop from top-10 to second round.

So go ahead. The floor is yours. Oh me personally?

I want the Rangers to get Nino Niederreiter. They would probaby have to move to the 6 or 7 spot to get him, although I wouldn't be surprised if he fell to the Rangers at the ten spot. I would have no problem dropping the Rangers first overall and Bobby Sanguinetti, for (either the Lightning's or Hurricanes') first overal pick and maybe a 3rd or 2nd rounder. Honestly this all depends on the Rangers blueprint with Sanguinetti, if they expect him to make the team then keep him and move it to someone else. But if they are going to continue screwing with him then it's about time they get someone for him while they can.