Bantering Points: Are the Rangers an Easy Team to Root For?

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Sean Avery has lowered the price on his house that is for sale in Hollywood. This could be because of his recent off the ice issues.

Jess over at The Prospect Park looks at the what if's in the Rangers system.

A guest blogger over at Rangers Report thinks the worst the Rangers will do this year is make the Conference Finals. I'll take that as a worst case scenario.

The Flyers met with HBO about the 24/7 series. I for one am very excited, and it seems that the Flyers are, too. I hate having something in common with the Flyers.

Jeff Freier asks over at SB Nation New York who the easiest team to root for in New York is. The Rangers came in third place in his system.

Of course we find the Rangers to be an easy team to root for, but I wonder, are the majority of you Rangers fans by relation to other Rangers fans? How did you start rooting for the Rangers?