Bantering Points: Draft Day Weekend Edition

The NHL Draft is on Sunday and other assorted thoughts.

- The 2013 NHL Entry Draft is on Sunday. Let that sink in for a moment. If nothing else at least the lockout really shortened this offseason. It feels like the playoffs just ended. Oh wait, they did.

- The New York Rangers don't have a first or a second round pick. There's been a lot of speculation the Rangers might make an attempt to move into the second round. They do have three picks in the third round, and if they see a player they like on the board they haven't been shy about making moves in the past.

- Then again, Glen Sather and Gordie Clark have found a wealth of true talent in the later rounds, so maybe using all three of those picks is worth not moving up. We've done some analysis on some of the guys that are projected to fall into the Rangers' wheelhouse and some of them seem like they can turn into true players.

- It's unlikely they would be able to make a big push into the first round. Without a first round pick to give back the Rangers would have to blow another team out of the water with their offer. It shouldn't be completely ruled out, though. The Edmonton Oilers (7th overall) and the Carolina Hurricanes (5th overall) are reportedly shopping their picks. Would either of them be willing to not get another first rounder back?

- One more note on the Hurricanes' demands. Rumors are surfacing that they're looking for a top-four defenseman for that pick. That's something the Rangers could do if they were interested (how badly does Carolina want to bring the Staal's together?) but is it worth giving up that kind of defenseman for a pick that might not help out right now? I'm not so sure.

- There are going to be Marc Staal to Carolina rumors until he either gets traded there, signs there as an UFA or signs a long term deal with the Rangers. Get used to them.

- Also keep an eye out for trades on the draft floor. The New York Islanders reportedly tried to trade all of their draft picks for the Columbus Blue Jackets second overall pick. It didn't go through. Jordan Staal actually did get moved in a blockbuster deal to Carolina. Things aside from the picks can (and sometimes do) happen.

- Quick few notes on non-draft things:

- Word is we're going to be getting a decision on Brad Richards soon. I agree with those in the camp of "if he wasn't going to get bought out he would have known about it by now." But it also would make sense that if he was going to be bought out he would have heard by now. Sather is a master at keeping his cards close to his vest. When Richards knows we'll know.

- I do think Sather might be playing the patient game with Richards. Maybe he's taking a look at who might become available.

- I don't think the Rangers will be in on Vincent Lecavalier. They will inquire and do their due diligence, don't get me wrong, but he's looking for a deal to "take him to retirement." He's 33 years old, that's a heck of a deal he's looking for (and will probably get).

Thoughts, guys?