Bantering Points: How Would The NHL Be Without An Extra OT "Charity" Point?

- Nick over at Rangers Tribune takes a look at how the NHL standings would have differed, if there was no "charity" point given to each team in overtime. He also points out how continuous overtime is much more exciting.

- A lot a people remember when current Blueshirts, Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky were drafted. But, do you know how those picks were acquired? Dave at Blue Seat Blogs takes a look at which trades led to Callahan and Dubinsky.

- With months upon months of line speculations for next season, Steve Zipay makes his guess at what the Rangers lines could look like next season. Some of which have been said on the Banter as well.

- Adam over at Blue Line Station caught up with Rangers 5th round pick, Shane McColgan. What might surprise most of you, was that McColgan actually started his hockey career in roller hockey.

- The Rangers have a stock-pile of high end prospects waiting in the wings. Joe points out that Tim Erixon could potentially be the Rangers top prospect as of right now.