Bantering Points: New York Rangers Interested In P.K. Subban? Edition

Are the Rangers interested in the Canadiens' young star?

- Well, why don't we get the big piece of meat onto the plate first? According to a report from Bruch Garrioch, the New York Rangers are interested in P.K. Subban if the Montreal Canadiens can't get him under contract and look to move him. It is rumored that Subban wants a five-year deal worth upwards of $5-million. My guess? If this rumor is true (and Garrioch isn't exactly a source to trust on these matters) then it's probably just Glen Sather kicking the tires on a player who would obviously be an asset on any team. As for a package to get him? You would probably have to move Michael Del Zotto, but again, I just don't see this happening so there isn't much of a point to speculate right now.

- Speaking of Del Zotto, the win over Toronto had to be his best game this year. Sure, he still made a few mistakes -- which is to be expected, he's still young -- but when he joined the rush things happened. And say what you will, that pass to Marc Staal wasn't just pretty, it was fantastic offensive instincts as well. The Rangers need Del Zotto's offense to come through this year, hopefully Saturday was him breaking out.

- I just want to point something out from Saturday's win. With the game winding down and the Maple Leaf's net empty, Rick Nash lugged the puck through the neutral zone with a defenseman shying away from him to cover Marian Gaborik and another Leaf cutting towards Nash. All Nash had to do was cut to the outside, roam around the defender and he would have easily scored his second goal of the season. But he didn't. Instead Nash made a much more difficult play, flipping a perfect pass over Dion Phenuf's head to Gaborik for the empty net goal. Nash knows Gaborik has been on fire, and made the unselfish play. Don't overlook something like that. I can tell you that Gaborik didn't. Watch his reaction when the two skate back to the bench, Gaborik gives Nash a couple of "thank you" taps. Don't underestimate how important those little things are for this team's chemistry.

- Imagine how much better this team would be with Michael Sauer in the lineup? Honestly, here's to him getting well soon -- not even for hockey but for himself.

- The power play needs to be fixed, but it did look good against the Maple Leafs. Remember, you can't just judge a power play by whether or not it's putting pucks into the back of the net. That's a huge part of it, obviously, but it's also important to note how many chances are being created. Saturday night there were a ton of chances, not goals. It's a step in the right direction even if it doesn't feel like one.

- So that Jason Arnott thing took a strange turn, no? Apparently the deal is off the table since the Rangers doctors didn't clear him. I would be shocked if Glen Sather didn't have a plan B lined up. I would expect something to happen sooner than later.

- Quick note on Chris Kreider, I wonder if we're going to see him Tuesday against the Philadelphia Flyers. Although the Rangers might take it easy with him and make sure he's 100% healthy before bringing him back into the lineup.

- Anyone think Martin Biron gets the nod on Tuesday? Personally I don't. There will be two full days of rest between the Toronto game and the Philadelphia game, plus, Henrik Lundqvist is starting to heat up. I have a feeling we're going to see him again.

Thoughts guys?