Bantering Points: Prospects and the Shootout

Dave of Blue Seat Blogs proposes an interesting question: what if both Michael Del Zotto and Tim Erixon aren't ready?

Jess over at The Prospect Park catches us up on the recent happenings with the New York Rangers.

Blueshirt  Banter's own, Nick, writes at The Rangers Tribune that the shootout should be eliminated. Personally, I enjoy watching the shootout, but I hate how much it means in the long run. It shouldn't decide wins and losses, especially when teams play a full 60+ minutes of real hockey.

Puck Daddy takes a look at which NHL GM's are the most efficient. Glen Sather places just below the average mark.

What do you think of the job Glen Sather has done?

Looking at the recent years, he has improved. The Brad Richards deal will have a huge impact on my judgement of Sather's success, but his new way of repeatedly getting high potential players for very little is fantastic.