Bantering Points: The Day Before Hockey Edition

We're one day away from hockey. I'll repeat that: we're one day away from hockey!

- Good for Wade Redden to get an opportunity to play in the NHL. I didn't realize how close he was to 1,000 games (994). Not that that's a reason to play him in the New York Rangers case, just an interesting observation. Anyway, word on the street -- as we've talked about here -- is that he will find work. Good for him. And good for the Rangers to do the right thing and accelerate the buyout. The St. Louis Blues are apparently interested in his services. We'll know soon enough, not that it impacts the Rangers.

- The Rangers are planning on putting Carl Hagelin on the first line to start the year according to Andrew Gross. I don't mind this combination. Hagelin has enough speed that he might be able to give Rick Nash and Brad Richards more space.

- I'm also a big fan of splitting up Nash and Marian Gaborik. Sure, at some points it makes tons of sense to put them together, but I think the Rangers are more dangerous when they're appart. With that being said, I do want to see what the trio of Brad Richards, Nash and Gaborik can do.

- So Hagelin on the first line pretty much guarantees Chris Kreider starts the year on the third line. Not a big deal at all, assuming Kreider does get some power play time as well. I think Kreider will move up eventually and earn more time, but it makes sense that he has to start low and grow as the year goes on. He looked great in practice Thursday, however.

- I'm excited to see Marc Staal, too. I think a lot of people have forgotten just how good Staal is. Yeah, he had an off year in the beginning of his return from a concussion last year, but it's going to be fantastic to have him back and healthy all year.

- By the way, the more this P.K. Subban and Jamie Benn thing drags on the more I'm thrilled Glen Sather got Michael Del Zotto under contract so smoothly. And don't tell me Del Zotto couldn't be holding out right now if he wanted to be. Good work by Sather here.