Bantering Points: Weekend Musings And A New Weekly Article

A couple of rouge thoughts and an exciting new article.

- Let's start off with the exciting news first. As you all know, Alex Nunn is Blueshirt Banter's famous foreign correspondent. When Jesper Fast and Oscar Lindberg were tearing up the SHL he was there to tell us all about it. Now Alex is focusing on guys like Pavel Buchnevich, Thomas Spelling and Calle Andersson. Since Alex is in a different time zone he can watch all those prospects play, and he'll be giving us a weekly update on them. Right now I think it might get placed on the weekend, but the first story will go up tomorrow morning.

- Speaking of prospects (I'm going to leave the above three to Alex for tomorrow) Anthony Duclair scored two goals in his season debut. This is going to be a big season for Duclair. A lot of people (myself included) thought last year's numbers were a bit of a fluke, since a leg injury threw off Duclair's play for about a month. If he can return to his QMJHL freshman form, well, he might be a hell of a find.

- Moving away from prospects, the Derek Stepan holdout continues to drag on, and with the Rangers playing in four preseason games over the next five nights, it's become clear Stepan is going to miss most of the preseason. That was the one thing I really wanted both sides to avoid, but we're here anyway.

- I'm not sure what kind of leverage Stepan thinks he has (in reality he really has none) but his camp is probably pointing towards Ryan Callahan and Carl Hagelin's respective injuries and asking Glen Sather what Alain Vigneault is going to do without all three players in the beginning of the year. And while I still don't think Stepan is going to miss any regular season games, well, it's a good point.

- Not much else from me today. What do you guys want to talk about:?