Bantering The Blueshirts Ep. 105: The Forum (Live From New York)

Mike and I joined Greg and Ryan from Blueshirts Breakaway to do the first ever live New York Rangers podcast at the Beer Authority in New York City! You can listen to it here!

Few notes:

1) There are some audio issues, mainly sirens and horns because, well, it’s New York and it was on the rooftop. There were also a few moments of feedback in the beginning.

2) All that said, Ryan worked tirelessly to edit them out as best he could, and he did a fantastic job. Throw him a follow if you’re not already.

3) The note that was so important it should have been at the top. THANK YOU to everyone who showed up and supported us. It was a fantastic time and there was an overwhelming demand for wanting more of stuff like this, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do. It was great to meet a lot of you in person, put a face to the name, and have a good time with each other. It was fun because you came out. We’re going to do more of it because, again, you came out.

Listen to the show at the above link or below: