Bantering the Blueshirts live tonight at 8pm

Tonight’s podcast/live-radio-thing is at 8PM. Come listen to us! The link to the show is here! Join the chat! Apparently there’s a chat!

It’s the best Rangers podcast hosted by some guy named Joe this side of the mighty Mississippi river.

Oh and we have a Patreon.  So you can sponsor our show and help us make it better (in the form of  microphones and bail money) or just simply reward us for ruining entertaining you whenever we get our act together and schedule a show.

Remember last week when the podcast just died because Joe’s computer crapped out? Wasn’t that great? Name another podcast that offers that kind of quality programming and I’ll tell you the name of a podcast that isn’t regularly interrupted with Beth pouring wine for herself, Stanley licking Joe’s feet in a desperate search for crumbs and Mike fumbling with his headset because he’s worthy everyone can hear him breathing.

If you can’t afford to support our silly podcast (or don’t want to), please don’t worry. We still love you. Very much. The message we would write in your yearbook would be almost obnoxiously long. There would be friendship bracelets. Maybe even a blood pact of some kind.

If you can’t catch the show live remember that you can download it from the world wide web of internets. Give us a rating on iTunes and tell all your friends on Myspace about us. Do you guys remember Snood? The computer game? I remember Snood.

Enjoy the show tonight, gang.