Bantering The Blueshirts Tonight At 8!

You think to yourself: It’s Thursday night and I have nothing to do. Or maybe you do have something to do, but you have a feeling deep down that you have something far more important to do.

That thing is Bantering the Blueshirts, tonight at 8 p.m. As always, if you can’t catch the show live you can archive it on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play. If you do that, please subscribe, leave five stars, and then leave a nice comment.

Tonight’s show will be about the Mika Zibanejad deal, Filip Chytil dominating overseas, projecting the defense, and a potential Marc Staal buyout.

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Ye Ol’ Walle Of House Banter

John J. Porter

Anthony Viola

Robert Courtney

Guy From Montana

Daniel Desjeunes

Eric Kohn

Matt Bader

George Lippman

Danz Lynch

Andrew Grygo

Stink Fleaman

John Reppy

Arch Williams

Igor Zaslavsky

Zachary Zetlin

Dan Carrozzi

Alexander Thornton

Thomas Osa

Trevor Kempner

Michael Silvers

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