Battle Of The Ages: The New York Rangers Travel To Boston

Good vs. Evil, David vs. Goliath, Eli Manning vs. Tom Brady, Yankees vs. Red Sox.....New York Rangers vs. Boston Bruins?

Sure, comparing this game to those matchups would be a huge exaggeration, but for the Rangers, their upcoming matchup vs. the Boston Bruins is the biggest of the season.

The Rangers have defeated all types of foes, dominating play against the Philadelphia Flyers, and winning the majority over the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Boston, however, is different. The defending Stanley Cup Champions, the Bruins are no simple task. With multiple scoring threats, two of the best goalies in hockey, a solid group of defensemen, and a coach that does not hurt the team (yes, that's how I compliment coaches) Boston has the right to call themselves the best team in hockey.

If the Rangers want to get the monkey off their backs, and prove that they truly are the best team in hockey, they will come out firing vs. the Bruins and beat Boston in their own arena. If not, the Rangers are still in great position, just not as easily arguably #1.