Behind The Scenes: New York Rangers/Minnesota Wild Darroll Powe Trade

Blueshirt Banter's own, Brandon C. was in the room when Glen Sather skyped with his good friend and Minnesota Wild General Manager Chuck Fletcher about trade possibilities. Find out what was said in this behind the scenes feature!

The other day I was spending some time with my good friend Glen, when Chuck Fletcher gave him a call. Glen, otherwise known as "Dark Sather" to some, offered to skype with Chuck, and discuss possible trades. So, Glen Sather, the New York Rangers GM, and Chuck Fletcher, the Minnesota Wild GM, discussed possibilities as I secretly taped the conversation. Here is the transcript!

Glen Sather: Hey, Chuck, how are you?

Chuck Fletcher: I am grand, Glenny, can we skip the formalities and get down to business? I'm going skiing in a few minutes.

GS: Sure! I remember when I used to go skiing with Abe Lincoln!

CF: You're delirious, Glen. Hmmmm, so how about Gaborik for Matt Cullen?

GS: I may be old, but I'm not dumb. I signed Gaborik away from you! Hold on a sec, my Chinese food is here.

CF: What did you order?

GS: Kung-pao chicken.

CF: Did you say Pao? You know we have a player with a last name that sounds just like that!

GS: You do? Can I have him? Please?

CF: Well we're going to need a lot for him, we really like him a lot.

GS: How many minutes has he been playing?

CF: Oh, who cares about that, he kills penalties!!!!

GS: Can he score on the powerplay?

CF: Oh, who cares about that, he kills penalties!!!!

GS: Are you sure we want him?

CF: Positive!

CF: So we want some strength in return. Rick Nash?

GS: When pigs fly!

CF: Pigs fly in that Geico commerical! How about Arron Asham?

GS: No, we need all the players with oddly spelled first names. You can have Stu Bickel?

CF: I'd rather have a goat with no legs.

GS: Well, who do you want?

CF: We want someone that can score and hit people.

GS: Mike Rupp! He scored twice in the Winter Classic, gets tons of minutes, isn't afraid to fight, and his teammates love him! He can win you the Stanley Cup on his own!

CF: Are you trying to trick me, Glen?

GS: No! In fact we would need a second player. Maybe one from the AHL?

CF: What?

GS: The AHL....the minor leagues?

CF: Minor leagues? Like minor league baseball?

GS: No, minor league hockey.

CF: That's a thing? What?

GS: Yes, we would like Nick Palmieri and Powe for Rupp.

CF: What the heck is a Nick Palmieri? What's the AHL? Are you some kind of a ninja?

GS: Don't tell anyone.

CF: Can we at least have Mike Sullivan?


CF: Just kidding, no one wants him! Can't wait to see this Rupp guy, I hope he's the new Gretzky!

GS: Sure, go with that. Now let me enjoy my Chinese food in peace and watch the puppy bowl.