Behind The Scenes: The Wojtek Wolski Trade

As many of you know, I have a hidden camera inside of Glen Sather's official "trade discussion" office, and every once in a while I transcribe videos from completed trades. Although the Wojtek Wolski trade to the Florida Panthers was not a blockbuster, let's take a look at the discussion that led to the trade.

Dale Tallon (DT) and Glen Sather (GS) discuss a possible trade, but Glen struggles with Dale's name.

DT: Hey Glen, so any chance we can have Brandon Dubinsky? We'll give you a 3rd rounder for him.

GS: No can do Davey boy, we're holding on to Dubinsky for a possible bigger move.

DT: Rick Nash?

GS: Who the h-e-double hockey sticks is Rick Nash?

DT: You know, the forward on Columbus? He's available, you know?

GS: *looks up Rick Nash* this guy's available? I was going to go for Jared Boll! *Hangs up Phone* *Calls Scott Howson with trade offer, is told he doesn't have enough cap room* *Calls back Dave Tallon*

GS: Hey Dave, I can't give you Dubinsky, but I can give you Wade Redden and/or Sean Avery. They are the stars of the AHL, and A is before N in the alphabet, so you know they're good.

DT: I'm not that dumb. It's not like I would sign basically every free agent on the market to a four year deal in one off-season!

GS: about Erik Christensen?

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DT: Who? *Looks up EC* .....Glen you already traded him to the Wild?

GS: Really? Coulda sworn John Tortorella was yelling at him the other night. Guess he was just yelling at the walls for not giving him enough jam again.

DT: How about Artem Anisimov?

GS: How about we go to the other end of the alphabet? Wojtek Wolski? He knows how to take a nice bath.

DT: Is he good in shootouts?

GS: He'll shoot you!

DT: Glen...just stop talking. What do you want for Wolski? A 7th?

GS: A 1st and Michael Vernace

DT: You know we shouldn't even be taking Wolski's contract off your hands, I just love the guys name.

GS: 3rd and Vernace, and I get to change your name to Davey Crockett in my address book.

DT: Can I at least have Avery then?


Deal done.