Blueshirt Banter By the Numbers

Thought you guys might find this interesting. The research team at SBNation put together the stats for each site at SBNation, and here are some of the numbers for Blueshirt Banter:



Total Comments


Most Active Commenters: (Note, Joe and I were in the top two slots, this list is just of our posters)

mleetch352 2634

Moshe52792 2253

rmc235 1293

Lunkwill Fook 978

RangerSmurf 913

FreeBradshaw 901

froese99 851

giantsNYrangers 657

Pretty impressive numbers guys. SBNation was very reluctant to give me the Rangers site, they wanted to bring an existing blog on board. I can't thank you enough for helping me prove to them they did the right thing.

I expect a slow news day, I don't know if the Rangers are even practicing today, so we're going to take a day off, unless something breaks. Feel free to use the thread for whatever you guys want to talk about. If there is any Ranger related news, we'll have it for you.

Thanks again guys, you are the best.