Blueshirt Banter Contest: Second Round Underway!

Sorry this came a little late everyone, with the storm and a busy week, it was hard for me to put up a post for this. So here we go, the head to head voting is now officially open! You will find a playoff bracket below, with each jersey that has advanced.

Voting for this round will be a little shorter, due to time constraints, with training camp and Traverse City coming up shortly. Voting for this round will run until Sunday, September 4th, 2011.

However, since we can only have one poll at a time, I want everyone to leave the numbers of the jerseys they are voting for in the comments. For this round, you can have two votes, one for #1 vs #4 and one for #2 vs #3. With out further ado, here are your finalists.

(For the full view of each jersey, please follow after the jump.)


Jersey #6:


Jersey #5:


Jersey #3:


Jersey #7: