Blueshirt Banter Discussion: Do You Think The Overtime Goal Will Get Brad Richards Going?

Brad Richards scored another big goal for the New York Rangers Thursday night, potting the game-winner in overtime. It's taken Richards some time to adjust to the new team and the new system, and it's evident that he's not fully there yet. But with another game winning goal (his seventh so far this season) under his belt, will he start to find his game?

Tonight's matchup against the Philadelphia Flyers poses a tough test for the Rangers, who will look to push their rivals even further down in the standings as New York looks to secure the division. Richards should be a big part of that, especially when he's on top of his game.

I don't think Richards has played poorly the past few games, I just don't think the bounces have gone his way. That changed against the Tampa Bay Lightning. So I ask all of you: Will the overtime goal get Brad Richards going?

The floor is yours.