Blueshirt Banter Discussion: Does The Overtime Policy Need To Be Changed?

Since the lockout ended and the shootout was added to the NHL there have been a plethora of posts suggesting ways to change the NHL overtime policy.

As you may know, the current system is 5 minute 4 on 4 overtime, then shootout. In the past, there was the possibility of a tie if neither team scores in overtime.

Fans have complained that a "skills competition," the shootout, can decide the fate of a hockey team, rather than traditional hockey. Our own New York Rangers faced this problem, as they were eliminated in the shootout vs. the Philadelphia Flyers.

While the NHL is unlikely to change the system, I would like to propose my own change.

-10 minutes of 4 on 4 hockey

If scoreless after that, the two teams would then play:

-10 minutes of 3 on 3 hockey

If the game is still somehow scoreless, I am fine with any system other than a tie. That's the one part I love about the new rules, the no ties.

How would you change the system, if you would at all?