Blueshirt Banter Discussion: Who Wins The Battle Between Marian Gaborik And Henrik Lundqvist?

Tomorrow night two of the New York Rangers' superstars will face off against one another. Sniper Marian Gaborik and goalie Henrik Lundqvist will be on different teams for the first time since Gaborik was a member of the Minnesota Wild.

The two have already started trash talking on twitter, which makes this whole sequence even more interesting. The All-Star game is always about finding stories within the game, since the outcome doesn't matter at all. For Rangers fans, here is one of your stories.

So in the period that Lundqvist will play, who do you think will have the edge? Do you see Gaborik scoring a goal or two on Lundqvist, or do you see Lundqvist shutting the door on Gaborik? We'll have a period to see who gets the edge but I'll throw the question to you guys, who bests who during the All-Star game?

Go ahead guys, the floor is yours.