Blueshirt Banter Fantasy Hockey 2013

A call to arms for the 2013 Blueshirt Banter Fantasy Hockey League.

Well guys and girls this is actually happening, we are going to have hockey this January. With the season supposedly just over a week away I figured it would be a good time to start putting together the official Blueshirt Banter Fantasy Hockey League now so that everyone who is interested will have ample time to prepare.

If you have interest in participating this year please shoot me an email (just click on my name and it will be in my profile). In the email let me know who you are, what day this upcoming weekend is best for you, and what times are best for you. I'd like to have as many people involved in the live draft as possible. We'd like to have committed people involved in the league(s), so if you're someone who is going to never look at your team after the draft perhaps this isn't for you.

In the comments section please let me know if you're interested and if you'd be willing to serve as a commissioner if we have overflow and have to establish multiple leagues (which we almost certainly will have to do). It would be easier if you all just posted your emails but you might get spam and all sorts of terrible things if we do that so I am trying to avoid that for everyone's sake.

The first league (the one I will be running) will have standard scoring categories for all positions, four bench slots, one IR slot, and will have head-to-head rules. There is a good chance the league will have a hell of a lot of teams but if people don't feel like having another eighteen-man league like we did in a few of the leagues last year let me know in the comments, it would just mean us making more leagues. That being said I'd like the league to have at least fourteen teams, maybe twelve (we'll see how many of you want to be involved).

Let me know who's in, what ya want, and how cold you are in the comments. Let's go Rangers! Let's go hockey!