Blueshirt Banter Memo

By the way I was the one who removed the story. I removed it because of the nature of the comments.

SBNation is an amazing platform to write on for many reasons, but the main reason why it makes Blueshirt Banter so special is because it creates a community. Jim and I work very hard to make sure that this forum is an open and welcoming environment for everyone to come in, express their opinions, and debate. While the platform does amazing things it also opens the door very wide for trolls, personal attacks, and slanderous comments. Things that myself, Jim and all of the other co-writers here strive to keep off this site every day so that others can feel safe and comfortable posting here.

There are over seven writers on this site, the expectation is that eventually someone will write something that upsets you all. Personally I don't agree with what Greg had to say, but I also didn't publicly trash him, curse him off, and throw bile his way for writing it. He has a right to his opinion, no matter how much you disagree with him. It is no different than putting up a fanshot or a fanpost, or even making a comment in an open thread. This site thrives on the knowledge that one can come in, make their point and not be attacked for it. Disagreeing is one thing, but what I saw wasn't disagreement.

I know many of you, and I am as friendly with you all as one can be through the fences and barriers of internet relationships. You are all good people, you are all better that what happened today. This site is meant to be open for all, including the writers. Please accept my personal apologies for what happened today, and please also take to heart what I had to say.

You guys make this site, you really do. You know how much we appreciate you all, and you all know what you mean to all of us here. I hate to do have to write something like this, but comments like the ones made in the story will not be tolorated.

Thanks guys!