Blueshirt Banter Mother's Day Open Thread

First off, we here at the Banter would like to wish all the Mom's out there a Happy Mother's Day.

We'll get back to the player previews and off-season stuff tomorrow, for today, in between taking Mom out to dinner and letting her know how important she is, feel free to use this open thread for whatever you want. Talk about the Penguins and Habs game last night, the Sharks eliminating the Red Wings, we got the Mets and Giants at 1:05, and the Yankees and Red Sox going at it tonight.

So have it at, I'll be checking in throughout the day, just four short months to training camp.

Oh, one more thing, anybody watch Saturday Night Live last night? An episode for the ages, my wife and I were laughing through the whole thing. Gotta admire Betty White for having such an awesome sense of humor, and doing such a great job. Here is her monologue from last night, funny stuff, and if I'm dating myself, who gives a crap: