Blueshirt Banter Musings 8.22.09

Since Jim isn't here I figured that I would try something new: so welcome to Blueshirt Banter Musings! In this new section I will go over all relevant hockey news (other sports when permitted) in the world and give my thoughts and opinions on it. So without further ado here is Blueshirt Banter Musings:

I guess we should start with Dany Heatley, who broke his silence today and talked to the press about his decision to request a trade from Ottawa. Here are some highlights from what he had to say, you can read the full story at TSN:

"When I signed in Ottawa two years ago, I felt it was to be an integral part of the team," Heatley said. "Over the last two years and more recently over the past year, I feel my role was diminished. This past season, it diminished a lot more.

"This is a straight hockey decision. I have nothing against the fans of Ottawa, or the city of Ottawa. I would like the opportunity to go somewhere where I can play to the best of my capabilities and be the player that I can be."

Look I can understand Heatley wanting a trade out of Atlanta. I cannot even begin to imagine trying to play for a team after killing a friend and a teammate. But for Heatley to claim that playing on the second line and basically every second of the power play is a "diminished role" is a joke. Let's be honest Dany, you don't like the management there and you want to go elsewhere. To be honest you really are not helping you're case. You may as well wear a "buyer beware" sticker stamped to you're forehead after this.

Heatley also discussed why he refused the trade to Edmonton:

"It has nothing to do with Edmonton," explained Heatley. "It has everything to do with the options. To this date there has only been one option, and I know that there are other teams out there. I don't feel I can make the right decision until there are a few options and I can make the right decision for my career."

Basically what this is saying is "I want to see all of my options ... options that aren't Edmonton." If you truly wanted to go to Edmonton you would have been there already. So stop the games Dany you just don't want to go to Edmonton; and I really don't understand why. Edmonton showed a big interest in you from the beginning, they even sent their brass down to meet you face to face to try and make you see that they would be a good fit for you. Why don't you want to go where you are wanted, especially since you aren't wanted in a lot of places these days.

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So for things not about Dany Heatley let's talk about the Olympics. While the Canadian, Sweden, Finland, and Russian teams get a lotof hype I truly think team USA can make a splash. With Parise, Drury, Gomez, Callahan, Kessel and Modano as some of the key offensive players along Brian Rafalski at the point with Tim Thomas and Ryan Miller between the pipes I think Team USA stacks up pretty well against the competition. Am I saying they are going to take the gold? No. But they will contend ... I hope.

Personally I would love to see a first line of Callahan-Gomez-Parise. I would love to see Callahan and Parise on a line together. Say what you want about Parise he is a hell of a hockey player and quite the goal scorer. Not as good as Marian Gaborik but that is a different argument for a different day.

Now for some truly awesome news. has started to feature all SB Nation hockey blogs in the fan section on the site. Click this link to see the SB Nation logo and a little blurb about how awesome we are. This is a huge step for all sports blogs when it comes to credibility. If the NHL, which out of the four major sports in the most internet savvy, thinks that SB Nation blogs are good enough to be featured then we are obviously doing something right. This should boost numbers even more which will allow our discussions and comments to grow to give you an even better experience here. We hope you will enojy what comes from this. Thank you!

I also want to give a thank you to all of you who keep visiting all of the SB Nation sites, not just the Banter, every day. You are what make us tick and we are so glad to have you guys coming here every day. It just wouldn't be the same without you all.