Blueshirt Banter Musings 9.7.09

Well you all told me you liked the Blueshirt Banter Musings section and now it is here to stay! So here we go:

We start this musings section with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Brian Burke traded his 2nd and 3rdoverall picks in the 2011 draft to the Blackhawks for the Maple Leafs original 2nd round pick. As TSN reports that seems like a lot to give up for your own pick:

The Toronto Maple Leafs today re-acquired their own much-travelled 2010 second-round pick from the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for Toronto's third-round pick in 2011 and a 2011 second-round pick that was previously acquired by Toronto from Calgary. Why would the Leafs effectively pay a net price of a third-round pick to get a second-round pick in the 2010 draft instead of the 2011 draft? Well, the move now gives Toronto their own first, second and third-round picks in the next NHL entry draft, which is the prerequisite for any team that would want to submit an offer sheet on a top restricted free agent player this summer.

As you may or may not know if you are going to sign a player to an offer sheet the draft picks that you give as compensation must be your own. I personally believe that TSN is spot on for their analysis on this situation. TSN speculates that Phil Kesselmight be on Burke's radar for an offer sheet, which makes sense. Burke has been looking for a top flight scorer since he took the helm at Toronto and Kessel would fit the bill. Not to start a rumor here-because I have received NO information about this next statement, it is just pure speculation: Dubinsky might also be on Burke's radar if Burke can't reach a deal with Kessel; but who knows. Dubinsky would fit his bill of a young player full of potential and aside from him and Kessel most big name RFA's are signed up.

Also it is worth mentioning that the Bruins have stated that they will match any offer Burke tries to make which might make Dubinsky more  appealing. Again this is pure speculation! So maybe Sather should just lock up Dubinsky so we don't have to worry about all this.

Well Gary Bettman and his camp have devised yet another hurtle that Balsillie will have to jump in order to move the


-if he even receives them. Word from TSN is that the NHL has set a "relocation fee" somewhere between 101-195 million dollars to move a team.  Here is most of the article:The Toronto Star is reporting that the NHL has set the price-tag for relocation between $101 million and $195 million in documents filed to an Arizona bankruptcy court that is currently considering bids by Balsillie's PSE Sports and Entertainment, Ice Edge and the NHL itself. Just one week ago, PSE filed a study of their own that concluded a relocation fee for the Coyotes would be between $11.2 million and $12.9 million. Documents filed by the NHL state: "the methodology used by PSE's expert, Dr. Andrew Zimbalist, in calculating a relocation fee range of $11.2 million to $12.9 million does not pass muster." The documents also add "the notion that a team in Hamilton would be worth only $11.2 million to $12.9 million more than a team in Phoenix is patently absurd."

If this report is true it sure would made things interesting for Balsillie, who definitely has the money but might not have the will to throw it to the NHL. Although we have danced this dance before and we all know that Balsillie probably has more money than he knows what to do with so this price tag might not be too hefty. This also tells me that the NHL is a little nervous that their bid won't be chosen by the bankruptcy court. Things are getting very interesting.

The official NHL website did a great story on Matt Gilroy trying to make the New York Rangers. I have been beating the Gilroy drum for a long time now. From everything that I have heard and everything people are saying it would appear that of the two open D spots one of them is Gilroy's to lose. I'm predicting pretty big things to come from him this year. And don't forget his one way contract doesn't matter; since he has no NHL experience at the age of 25 he can be sent up and down without passing through waivers. I'm excited to see him, are you?

And now for the final musing of the day I leave you with a trip down memory lane. TSN is reporting that the Red Wings have granted former Ranger goalie Dan Cloutier a tryout at their training camp. Cloutier has some skill and he had a few good years with Vancouver but I don't know how much is left in the tank. Regardless I will always like him solely because of this fight scene against Islander goalie Tommy Salo. By the way that's not Colton Orrin the beginning of the video its Mr. Domi!

Cloutier vs Salo Goalie Fight (via zevi0)