Blueshirt Banter Musings

Since this was so successful last time and I need time to do a few more stories I will bring back the Musings a little early.

Recently TSN reported that Sharks head coach Todd McLellan removed all of his captains for the up-coming season. In the report TSN had this to say:

On the heels of McLellan's statement, questions arose about everything from the team's direction as a whole to the future of Patrick Marleau, who had donned the "C" for the Sharks since 2004, not to mention the rest of the team's leaders, including Joe Thornton, who previously had an "A" stitched on to his teal blue jersey.

It also left Sharks fans wondering about the motivation behind the coach's unorthodox move: was it a clever piece of reverse psychology designed to anger his best players into producing on the ice in a somewhat vengeful state of mind? Or was it an honest attempt to wipe the slate clean and start fresh in San Jose following years of sub-par post-season performances?

Look, I know I am not an NHL coach but to me this sends the wrong message to you're team. Not only does removing the C and the A's disgruntle two of their best players (Thornton and Marleau) but it also leaves a large leadership void. I personally liked the Sharks last year but this move would backfire on them and turn the locker room into a three ring circus. I suppose only time will tell.

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Apparently at the Olympics camp team Canada was trying out a line of Nash-Crosby-Iginla. While that line might look like the nigh mare of every single goalie in the competition I got to thinking about a scarier line. Which team can field a better line than that? How about team Russia who can throw out a line of Ovechkin-Malkin-Kovalchuk? Now I don't know about you but if I had to choose I take the Russian line--without much thought. To me they are just better scorers.

How would you feel if you signed a high priced free agent this off-season and before the season starts he is already thinking about where he wants to go next .Well if you are the Ottawa Senators then you know how this feels. Alex Kovalev--who just signed a two year 10 million dollar contract--has already told the media that he would like ti finish his career in Montreal. Kovalev told this to TSN:

"I was disappointed, I thought for sure I'd be staying here," said Kovalev at his charity golf tournament in Montreal. "I couldn't really understand what had just happened. In the end, I took it from a business point of view. You had a chance to stay here, and you didn't, so you just go and do the job somewhere else. But maybe somewhere in the future I'll be back again, and get the same support."

"I've been back to Montreal four or five times in the last three weeks," Kovalev continued. "Every time you see a fan on the street, (they say) they're really disappointed. That's why I say, maybe after two years I'll be back again. It definitely would be nice to retire here. But it's not for me to talk about Montreal - I'm part of another organization. I'm going to go there and do the best I can and we'll see what happens."

Although he did finish that statment with "But it's not for me to talk about Montreal - I'm part of another organization. I'm going to go there and do the best I can and we'll see what happens" he shouldn't have said anything. Kovalev--considered to be one of the better players to hit free agency--definitely has skill but seems to have little desire to play. I wouldn't like hearing this from anyone my team just signed.

It appears that the Rangers are not the only team with contract problems in the NHL. According to TSN Roberto Luongo has given a September 13th deadline to work out a contract extention, citing that he wanted "no distractions" during the season. Luongo had this to say on the situation:

"We're trying to get it done before camp," Luongo said in Calgary on Wednesday. "If it doesn't happen before camp, I will not be negotiating during the season. I don't want to have that distraction," Luongo is entering the final year of a four-year, $27 million contract contract. He will make $7.5-million for the 2009-10 season.

"I'd prefer that we have it wrapped up [by the start of training camp]," Canucks general manager Mike Gillis told the Globe and Mail. "We're all confident that we're moving in the right direction."

I peronally commend Luongo for caring more about the season then his money. He is an all-world goalie and a class act. Luongo will be looking to do very well this season since the media ripped into him after their early post season exit. I don't know why Gillis would be playing games with Luongo, they really need him. But I am sure they will get it done.

Our final musing goes to the video game world. As you may or may not know EA sports is releasing NHL 2010 on September 15thand man does it sound good. Withnew features like crowds reacting to big hits and goals with noise levels changing though the game depending on how you are doing and crowds booing opposing players and waving towels in the playoffs. There are even post whistle actions like face washing and baiting opposing teams into taking penalties; it just seems like it is real hockey. You have many options on how to play but one of them is "Be a Pro" mode where you create yourself and hit the ice! You start off in a prospects game and then get drafted depending on how you preform. Then you work you're way to the pros by starting in the AHL. It's definitely on my "must buy the day it comes out no matter how much money I don't have" list and it should be on yours too!

Let me know what you think of these Musings sessions guys so I can see if they are keepers or not! Thanks!