Blueshirt Banter part of the SB Nation Hockey cuts

Hey guys,

I don’t have a ton of information right now, beyond the blanket e-mail John Ness sent to dozens of site managers across multiple leagues, but it appears Blueshirt Banter will no longer be monetized by SB Nation starting in March.

I am not sure what that means for the future of this amazing website and community, but it’s likely not good.

I probably will have a hell of a lot more to say in the coming days as more information is released (John Ness has yet to respond to my e-mail asking for clarification on the current situation) but for right now wanted to thank you all for the love, support, and consumption of this website and the people that made it hum for well over a decade and made this one of the top websites in the SBN Hockey Family by almost every metric.

We love you all.

Thank you