Blueshirt Banter Radio and a homework assignment

As you know thanks to you Blueshirt Banter Radio will now be on the air every Wednesday night through the remainder of the off-season, every Wednesday night from 7:30 to 9 PM, EST.

Last week we had a great chat with Adam Raider and Russ Cohen, the authors of 100 Ranger Greats, and it has us thinking about some of the not so greats that have worn the Blueshirt. I had a little bit of this conversation with The Mouth on his radio show at Ranger Crisis Thursday night, and we've decided to expand on it.

So this Wednesday night, after we discuss the latest news and notes on the Rangers, we are going to open the floor for a sort of "Banter Roundtable", where we will bring a few callers on at once, and debate some of the more infamous Rangers of all time. The Mouth will be joining us for a good portion of the discussion, that will definitely make the debate lively.Mouth knows his Ranger history better than just about anyone, and is bound to hit us with some good names. We will also be joined by Steve from NYRangerscast as well.

So over the next few days, give some thought to some of the not so greats, the obscure, and the "hardly knew ye's" and be ready to join the discussion.

And don't give us Wade Redden, that's too easy. See you Wednesday night!

By the way, I purposely closed comments on this because I didn't want you guys starting a discussion on the players you would nominate, save them for the show!