Blueshirt Banter Store is Operational!

Ok guys, the Blueshirt Banter Store is up and running, but we need your help. Of course we have the standard fare of Bb_t-shirt_medium t-shirts, hoodies and coffee mugs, but as you guys know, this site is all about you, so we are coming to you guys for help.

If you poke around at some of the other SBNation stores that are out there, you will see that their readers have been able to come up with some pretty creative ideas for gear. Since we know there is no group of people on the internet that are wittier and more devout than you guys and girls, we want to see who can come up with the best ideas for Blueshirt Banter apparel.

We will take a couple of the best suggestions, and add them to our store. The three winners will win their very own Blueshirt Banter t-shirt, to show off to all your friends and make them jealous.

Have at it in the comments, or if you are the photoshop-genic type and want to email me a design, you can send it to, operators are standing by.