Blueshirt Banter World Tour (well, sort of)

Going to be heading up to NY next week, and we're hoping to hook up with as many of you as we can, just to say hi and thank you for being a part of Blueshirt Banter.

Wednesday night, October 28th, Mouth, Joe, and I will be at Croxley's Ale House in Farmingdale, NY for the Rangers game against the Islanders, and also Game One of the World Series. If you are headed to or from Nassau Coliseum before or after the game, or just want to come hang out, we'd love to meet you.

Thursday, October 29th, we will be at Cafe 31 at around 4 PM. It's located near 7th Ave on 31st Street in New York City, right next to Madison Square Garden. After that, we may head down to Warren 77, we will decide that

Friday October 30th TBA

Saturday October 31st I head home for some serious trick or treating with my daughter.

I'll post updates as soon as we figure it out. I hope you guys can come out and see us.