Blueshirts Monthly Open Thread: Happy April!

Check your inboxes and try to get outside and into the sun!

Happy April Fools' Day Blueshirt Banter! Perhaps, more importantly, happy spring! It's finally starting to look and feel like spring out there huh? To me, spring means four things; bugs coming back, rain, cargo shorts, and intense playoff hockey. Thankfully my love of cargo pants, playoff hockey, and rain makes up for the return of bugs. I know that bugs are critical to the health and balance of almost every ecosystem on the planet... but seriously f*ck those guys and their tiny, filthy little legs and their weird sphincter-like mouths. Constantly twitching and pulsing and doing whatever the hell bug mouths do.

Are you uncomfortable now? Good. Let's turn our focus to the seventh (seven is the number that looks like an "L" upside down) issue of Blueshirts Monthly. If you are a subscriber to Blueshirts Monthly you should find a little present waiting for you in your inboxes this morning. Joe, Tony, and I are excited about how well the newsletter has done thus far but you guys can help it become bigger and better by spreading the word about it. Please, tell everyone you know. Bother people. Dig up dead people and yell at them about the newsletter. Your support and help really does mean the world to us and we'll love you forever.

If you haven't subscribed yet, send an email to "" with "SUBSCRIBE" in the subject line and we'll take care of the rest. The newsletter is free and is just an extension of the Rangers coverage and discussion you find on Blueshirt Banter. There are also pretty pictures with vivid colors and crossword puzzles. It's like Highlights magazine for Rangers fans, but with much less Goofus and Gallant. So sign up, if you haven't already, and start enjoying even more Rangers coverage.

Please use this as your open discussion thread for the April issue as well as your open thread for the day. Let's talk some April hockey!

Some discussion questions for you handsome and/or beautiful folks:

1. Who do you have winning it in the West?

2. Who do you see the Rangers meeting in the first round of the 2014 NHL Playoffs? Do you like that matchup for the Blueshirts?

3. Best April Fools prank you've ever pulled? Best one that has been pulled on you? Or, are you like me and have never entered into any hijinks of any kind just because a calendar says you should.

4. With Callahan gone and Hank being an obvious and somewhat obnoxious answer, who is your current favorite Ranger?

5. The most surprising team of the 2013-14 NHL season?

6. What was the best Rangers moment of March 2014?

Let's go Rangers.