Bobby Ryan In Ducks Line-up Tonight; No Trade Coming Tonight

News broke earlier that Bobby Ryan could potentially be traded tonight, and the New York Rangers were leading the chase. However, Bobby Ryan will be in the line-up tonight against the Montreal Canadiens, which means he will being staying a Duck for tonight.

The original tweet, coming from John Boruk stated that a trade could take until the end of the week to be completed, which could turn true. If the Rangers do ending making a run at Ryan, Sather has to make sure the price is right. That includes keeping guys like, Ryan McDonagh, Derek Stepan, Artem Anisimov, Chris Kreider, Dylan McIlrath out of the mix. Although, knowing some recent trades that Sather has made, I'm sure he's well aware of what can be done.

As exciting as it was when the news broke, it seems as if we will have to wait another day, or a couple, to see how this actually pans out. We will continue to keep you guys updated on any news that we are notified of.