Bobby Ryan Trade Rumors: Does Randy Carlyle Getting Fired Kill A Trade?

It's been a strange two days in the NHL, with Bobby Ryan trade rumors hitting a fever pitch last night, only to come back down this morning. If you're unaware, the Anaheim Ducks fired head coach Randy Carlyle and replaced him with Bruce Boudreau. Yes, that Bruce Boudreau, who ends up being out of work around 66 hours.

It would appear that with a new coach the Ducks wouldn't be as interested in trading Ryan as they were last night. Even with the win over the Montreal Canadiens the Ducks are 7-13-4 and might indeed look for a trade down the road but, for now, I would be surprised if he was moved anytime soon.

The general speculation was that Ducks GM Bob Murray needed to spark his team one way or another, and the coaching change seems to be the change. It doesn't mean Ryan might not find himself on the block again, especially if the Ducks continue to falter.

In the end, the New York Rangers have a good thing going right now. Yes, I fully support a move to get Ryan if he becomes, or happens to still be, available. I understand the reluctance to trade guys like Carl Hagelin, Christian Thomas or even Chris Kreider; but the reality is that you hope your prospects turn into Ryan, Ryan is already there.

For now though, the Rangers core stays in place and the farm system remains untouched.

And you know what? That's not such a bad thing either.