Brad Richards Injury: Richards Will Not Participate In Practice Today

Brad Richards was not on the ice this morning for practice, and it was said that he will not participate.

After taking an completely gutless check from Patrick Kaleta last night, Brad Richards will not participate in today's practice with the New York Rangers. Richards stated that his whole body is sore after landing head first into the boards as a result of the hit from behind. The Rangers haven't given any updates on what is specifically keeping Richards off of the ice, but my guess is everything.

When you take a dirty hit like that, from a dirty player like Patrick Kaleta, you're going to have some aches and pains the next morning. It was absolutely disgusting to watch that hit over and over again, only to see it get worse at every angle you seeit from. Whether or not Kaleta intended to hurt Richards, there is absolutely no excuse to be that reckless along the boards.

Either way, this is all we know about Richards for now. Hopefully this isn't something that keeps him out long-term, since he was starting to come back into his form from last season. We will update when we hear more.