Breaking New York Rangers News: John Tortorella Fined $20K For Post-Game Comments

The NHL continued to prove incapable of making any kind of rational decision today, fining John Tortorella $20K for his post-game comments after the Pittsburgh Penguins victory over the New York Rangers Thursday night.

Not only was John Tortorella fined, but Brooks Orpik was also NOT disciplined at all for his knee to knee hit on Derek Stepan.

What I find extremely interesting about this decision is the backlash the NHL has received right off the bat from unbiased reporters. I expected to see a lot of complaining from Rangers fans, and a fundraiser to start (ridiculous idea, by the way, ridiculous) but I did not expect reporters to argue against the decision by the NHL.

That reporters actually did argue the NHL made the wrong decision shows how moronic the decision was. Choosing not to discipline a player that seemed to have attempted to injure another player is fine, but complaining about another team is not okay? Is that the message the NHL is trying to send?

I have no idea what would be the case if the roles were reversed, and say Dan Blysma complained about a Marc Staal hit on Tyler Kennedy or something. That's pure speculation if anyone tries to make that argument, but fining a coach for those comments and not even disciplining a player for that hit is basically saying to John Tortorella "you're right, now give us your money."

Done rambling, done ranting, whatever. The NHL can and will continue to let horrible decisions reign supreme. Let's just hope it doesn't affect the outcome of any games.